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WB Email Alerts is a subscription service.  It allows you to choose what you are interested in, and the service will send you emails when items meeting your criteria are disclosed.

An account, using the World Bank Member Portal, gives you the chance to manage your alerts.  You can make changes at any time.  We do not use your information for marketing or any such endeavor.

Email alerts allows you to customize what information you are receiving.  It takes your subscription information and sends you an email of everything which meets your subscription criteria on a daily basis.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log on
  2. Choose what type of alert: Procurement, Follow a Project, or General
  3. Pick your attributes
  4. Review and name your alert
  5. Save your alert
  6. Receive emails

Either log in to Email Alerts and delete the alerts found in the “My Alerts” tab or, at the bottom of your email, you should see an Unsubscribe option.

Several possible reasons:

  1. It is possible that nothing was disclosed meeting your conditions that day.  You will only receive an email when there is something to send.  So, if you chose “Denmark” and “Blogs” and the World Bank produces 1 blog a year tagged to Denmark you will only receive 1 email a year.
  2. Please check your spam filter.

You will only receive an alert when something matching your subscription preferences is disclosed.  The email will consolidate everything within 24 hours into one alert.

You will receive a different email for each alert.  If you are receiving multiple emails with the same title, please check your My Alerts page – it is possible that you signed up for multiple alerts with the same name.

This is a time/caching issue.  While it will resolve itself given time, you can also restart your machine or browser and it should then work.  If the issue persists, please contact us at  emalerts@worldbank.org

Each type of Alert covers different groups of disclosed Bank information



Follow – A – Project


Alert Contents

Blogs, Events, Microdata, News, Project Status Changes, Documents, Simultaneous Disclosure

Items disclosed by chosen Project ID

Procurement Notices Contract Awards


Country / Region

Resource Type


Language of Item


Country / Region

Procurement Code

Each source system does its own tagging.  Because this is not centralized, we recommend you make your alerts as broad as possible, while still retrieving the items you are interested in.

When you choose a Region you will get items pertaining to all of the countries in the region, as well as items which are region-wide.

Choose the Procurement alert.  Then choose what country/region or what type of item you are interested in.

On the Procurement Notice there should be a section labeled Contact Information.  Often there are more detailed contact instructions included in the Details section.  If you do not see a Contact Information section, then look at the notice type.  If it is a Contract Award, then the contact has already been awarded and the contact information can be found by looking up the project (use the project ID) and finding the earlier notice.

Procurement Notices (Procurement Notice email alert) is a general term encompassing tender related documents including Contract Awards, Request for Expression of Interest, Invitation for Bids, General Procurement Notices, and Invitation for Prequalification.  Procurement plans (found under General Alerts) are periodic brief project procurement updates.

The best place to start is the World Bank’s Project and Program Procurement Page.  You can also find additional opportunities on the Corporate Procurement page.

Procurement Notices consist of mixture of:

  • General Procurement Notices,
  • Invitation for Bids,
  • Request for Expression of Interest, and
  • Contract Awards. 

While Contract Awards are produced after the fact, the remainder should be the types of tenders you seek.  To tell the difference between the types, look at the Notice Type field of your email, highlighted in the examples below.

Title: Procurement of Digital Out Late IT equipment’s, ID Digitalization, professional Software, Digital Barcode System and related items for ENAO and ECAE

Project Country: Ethiopia

Project Title: Ethiopia: National Quality Infrastructure Development Project

Project ID: P160279

Borrower Bid Reference: ET-MOST-228469-GO-RFB

Notice Number: OP00132869

Notice Type: Invitation for Bids

Submission Deadline: July 09, 2021 10:00

Notice Published Date: June 13, 2021


Project Country: Gabon

Project Title: Access to Basic Services in Rural Areas and Capacity Building Project

Project ID: P144135

Borrower Bid Reference: GA-CN TIPPEE-134005-CW-RFB

Notice Number: OP00132897

Notice Type: Contract Award

Notice Published Date: June 13, 2021

Microdata is not presently tagged for sectors.  If this changes we will add it.

A good place to start is the World Bank Group Information research guide.  For more specific information here are some major links to: